Seattle, WA
Seattle Basketball Coaches & Staff

Seattle Area Directors


Stuart Michie - Regional Director

Loyola University New Orleans, 1997 - B.A. Communications
McDaniel College, 2007 - M.S. Exercise Science (Curriculum Design)

Stuart joined One on One Basketball in 2004 as the Washington DC Regional Director after returning to his native Washington, DC after a 3-year move to Seattle while his wife attended Seattle University Law School.  During his three years as Regional Director in DC, Stuart led substantial growth of the After School Hoops Program and he helped develop the acclaimed Player Development Program.  Stuart also trained dozens of athletes on the court and helped many of these players realize their dreams of playing for their high school and college teams.  Once Stuart completed his Master's Degree in Exercise Science, he and his wife decided to return to the beautiful Pacific Northwest to raise their family.  And so, One on One Basketball has arrived in the Seattle area.

Stuart grew up in Bethesda, MD, and played varsity basketball and rugby at Walt Whitman High School.  At Loyola University New Orleans, Stuart was selected captain of the rugby team his junior and senior years and was selected to the U.S. Eagles Collegiate All-East Rugby Team, an honor given to only 45 college players east of the Mississippi River each year.

Stuart is well-skilled at numerous sports, but his first love is basketball.  He takes pride in teaching the fundamentals to aspiring players of all ages. Stuart’s experience working with children as young as 4-years-old to coaching both boys and girls varsity teams and training collegiate-level athletes has allowed him to develop different strategies and nuances that are most effective for each group or individual player.

“I’ve seen professional players with amazing skills demonstrate to kids at camps and clinics, but when it comes to actually teaching those skills, what progression to teach them in, and simply how to relate to the kids in general…they often have trouble.  The ability to relate and adapt to your students in addition to your content knowledge is what makes a great coach or instructor.” 

Stuart is excited to bring One on One Basketball to Seattle.  Get ready to sweat and have fun playing the greatest sport in the world!


Brennon Knott - Seattle Area Director of Programs

Seattle Pacific University, 2013 - B.A. Communications

Brennon joined One on One Basketball in 2011 as an instructor while attending Seattle Pacific University.  He has been involved with the game of basketball for nearly 17 years. During his two years as a regional instructor & coach in Seattle, Brennon contributed to substantial growth of the After School Hoops Program and Player Development Program in the greater-Seattle area, coaching youth of a wide spectrum of skill levels and basketball abilities.  Once Brennon completed his Bachelor's Degree in Communication, he was appointed as the Seattle Area Director of Programs and has become a vital part of the Northwest Region, expanding One on One's programs and influence to the surrounding suburban areas (Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Woodinville, Bothell, Sammamish, Shoreline, etc.).

Brennon grew up in Kent, WA, and has always been active, athletically. Growing up, basketball was his first love, but he also participated in baseball, track & field, and other sports. He played Basketball, ran Cross Country, and threw the javelin & discus for Kentridge High School. Brennon decided to forego pursuing participation in collegiate athletics due to his pursuit of a music scholarship, but he continued to play basketball, learn about the game, and make progress throughout his college experience. 

Brennon is a skilled communicator who can relay information of all types to audiences of all types. He enjoys teaching and working with athletes of all skill levels and backgrounds. Brennon has experience working with children as young as 3 years old and as old as 18 years old, both boys and girls.

Brennon is passionate about continued education, even as a coach. He seeks to learn from older, experienced coaches and enjoys learning the finer points of coaching, instructing, training, and playing.  Brennon is excited to bring a unique skill-set to the table at One on One Basketball.  He runs all his programs with a positive atmosphere, sense of purpose, and progressive mindset.